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Cara Cruz – Owner, Founder, Genius Baker

I am proudly a gluten free, tattooed and stubborn redhead. I’ve been gluten free for over 5 years now. However deep down I’ve known for a lot longer that I needed to give up gluten. I was just too stubborn to do so. I was/am a super picky eater. And I thought, like many of you, that not having a good pizza or fudgy brownie that I wouldn’t be able to survive.

During my senior year of high school, I was sick all the time. I started eliminating food to see what was the trigger. Narrowed it down, or so we thought, to milk. I gave up milk for awhile and started feeling better. Little did I realize it was actually the Lucky Charms, Honey Smacks and Grape Nuts that I gave up along with the milk that was really the culprit. Of course, after Lactose free milk became more common cereals and other flour filled treats reappeared in my life.

One summer day in 2005 as I was planning to move, my mom suggested that I google “getting sick after bread”.  Which of course as we all know lead to the overwhelming yet simple answer of go gluten free. Denial instantly set in. Nope.. no way… Gotta be some other reason. I basically acted like I hadn’t even read the search results. I moved to Astoria in Queens, NY a block from a bakery. I lived off pizza and cheap day old baguettes. I wondered almost daily why I felt like I was barely moving in slow motion. Stupid stupid denial.

Fast forward to 2008.. Pregnant with Riley and quickly realizing all the go to items for morning sickness are just making it worst. Yet still in denial.. Why? Who knows.. the love affair with wheat is a strong one. It wasn’t until after I had Riley and still felt like death that I finally said “ok I give in” and started the switch to gluten free.

Looking back it was hands down the best decision I ever made. It gets easier… well most days. After months and months of trying gluten free products with disappointment, I got back into baking. I started making items that I craved. Items that were tempting enough that I thought about cheating. I knew there had to be a better way of going gluten free. The approach of “Need to be gluten free? Heres some kale!” just was not going to work on me.

As I started baking more and more it isn’t enough for me for an item to just be gluten free. I want it to be so normal, so tasty that people wouldn’t realize it was gluten free. I want cookies or crackers I can pack in my sons lunchbox that don’t look any different from his classmates. I want brownies I can share during girls night and it seems like nothing has changed. I just want to feel included. And I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

That is the driving force behind my launch of Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends? bakery. I want to provide foods you crave (gluten free versions of course) so you can socialize, share and just being part of the group again. Though if you want to be completely selfish with your WCWBF treats, I won’t judge.

You deserve to Be Friends With Your Food Again, and I’m here to help.

Pennsylvania Gluten Free Bakery

Cara Cruz – Owner, Founder, Genius Baker