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Your Story is Our Story
Our head baking genius, drugstore Cara, sick was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009. Although relived to finally have an answer as to why she was always so sick the prescription of how to control her symptoms was…difficult to stomach.

You know the conversation – the doctor tells you in passing “Oh, you can’t have Gluten.”

Upon doing your research, you will realize as Cara did that basically everything in her diet, everything she loved, and especially her favorite sweets and snacks were loaded FULL of gluten.

Well, if it was between feeling miserable and doing terrible damage to her body and giving up her favorite desserts and snacks – the food had to go.

But, you know when you now can’t “have” something, when it becomes the forbidden fruit you want it SO much more.

Enter Cara’s SUPER HUMAN ability to create the most amazing Gluten Free dessert and snack recipes.

After thousands of batches of trial and error, she has developed the perfect blend of flours, all-natural ingredients, and special preparation procedures to make desserts and snacks so good that you won’t even want those Gluten Filled treats of the past.

In fact – Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends – desserts are so good that even your non-GF friends will BEG YOU FOR MORE!

If you are tired of dry, tasteless, terrible texture, crumbly, card-board esque, gluten-free substitutes of your favorite treats then you have found your PARADISE.

Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends was founded for you.

Our delicious treats and recipes are made with you in mind – so that you can finally BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR FOOD AGAIN.