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Chewy Fudge Brownies


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  • Chocolate? Good!
  • Gluten Free? Good!
  • Package of 8? Good!

The Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends Chewy Fudge Chocolate Brownies are the greatest brownie you will ever taste (gluten free or not).

Just because you’ve gone Gluten Free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice delicious, fudgey, moist, decadent, and rich brownies.

With our secret mixture of ingredients – you get the perfect brownie (that just happens to be Gluten Free, too!)

Order a bag – if you dare – but, be warned, you’re going to wish you had ordered more!



Mix 1 part decadence, online with 2 parts chocolate, buy viagra and what do you get? The most delicious chocolate brownie you’ve ever tasted.

Crispy on the edges with a chewy fudgey middle – every bite is perfection.

Baked with a perfect ratio of sugar, high quality cocoa, and all gluten free flours you can be guaranteed that not only will this brownie delight your taste buds; but will leave you begging for more!

Each box comes with 8 perfectly portioned brownies that make a fantastic treat – whether you like them with a side of ice cream or enjoy these rich bites of Heaven with a cup of coffee.

Whatever your preference the Why Can’t We Be Friends Gluten Free Brownies are sure to please.

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8 Brownies per bag


Dairy & Eggs

Free From:

Gluten, Corn & Soy