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Crunch Time


SKU: crunch-time

Are you in the mood to snack on some perfectly crunchy and salty crackers?

Well, just because you’ve gone Gluten Free doesn’t mean you have to eat dust or cardboard.

With the Cracker Snack Pack you get a sampling of Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends top selling crackers. Perfect for when you have the munchies!

Each Cracker Snack Pack comes with:



Can’t pick just one crackers?

No need!

Just order the Crunch Time.

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1 box of Cheddar Crackers, 1 box of Cheesy Pigs & 1 box of Oyster Crackers


Dairy & Eggs (Cheddar Crackers & Cheesy Pigs)

Free of:

Gluten, Corn & Soy